Chimney & Stove Services

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a wide range of chimney and stove services


Chimneys and flues can ONLY be cleaned using a brush or scraper of some description – using a vacuum alone will not do the job.

We use a vacuum purely to collect the soot that our brushes remove from your chimney. Soot particles can be extremely small, and may pass straight through many standard vacuum filters, and as soot is classed as carcinogenic (cancer causing), it is not the sort of thing you want blowing around in your home. For this reason, we use a high powered industrial vacuum designed specifically for chimney work, and fitted with two motors and a HEPA filter system, which makes sure that ALL the soot we collect from your chimney ends up in the bin rather than floating around in your home. Soot resulting from domestic chimney sweeping can be disposed of with your normal household waste collection.

You don’t necessarily have to be at home for our visit – we are happy to collect a key from a neighbour if you are happy to leave one, and we will contact you once the job is complete if we’ve come across any problems.


we also cover…


We supply and fit a wide range of caps (for disused flues), cowls and birdguards.


We can re-fix or replace loose, leaning or broken chimney pots, or remove them altogether if you prefer.

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We do come across some problem chimneys on our travels!

If you think your chimney pot may be loose or broken, please let us know before we visit – we don’t want to knock it off the stack with our brushes!

It may seem obvious, but it’s a big help if the fire is out when we visit you!

Stoves installed without a chimney liner can sometimes present their own problems. In the chimney is unlined, the register plate above the stove should be fitted with access hatches for the soot to be removed. Without access, any soot from the chimney will fall and build up on top of the plate – increasing the chance of a chimney fire. It is also very difficult to get a big enough brush to sweep an open flue through the four or five inch flue pipe coming from the stove – some sweeps will put a five inch brush up the chimney through the stove and tell you it’s been swept and charge accordingly – but all they are doing is tickling the sides of the flue at best. Also of course, most of the soot falling will not find it’s way down the flue pipe, but will land on the register plate instead, where it can be difficult or impossible to remove unless an access plate is fitted. If we find that your chimney can’t be swept properly, then we’ll let you know why, and what to do to put things right. If we are unable to sweep your chimney when we arrive, we will have to make a small charge to cover our time and travel costs.

Nests in chimneys seem to be on the increase in this area – particularly in the village of Wray, famous for it’s Scarecrow Festival ironically! If you find any twigs in your fireplace please arrange for us to visit as soon as possible to clear the nest before it’s completed and occupied, and fit a guard to prevent it happening again. We do not remove nests thought to be in use until after the nesting season – whilst we realise that birds can be a nuisance, we don’t want to be pulling live chicks down your chimney!